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Everglades 25k-First Race of 2019 is in the Books!!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

The Everglades 25K gave me everything that I came for and then some: tropical, trail beauty, wildlife sightings, awesome RD, some of my favorite ultra friends, meeting new ones, and a serious heat beat down. -

I was hoping if I took one here I might not suffer so badly at Corbett, as I usually do, just a month away. SUFFER I did. When I saw my heart rate up 22 beats standing at the start line I was a little concerned that something might be going on with me health wise. But once I started running I felt good, although my heart rate was extremely high for me. I kept messing with it to see if was malfunctioning but every time I walked to drink it went down. I was running and fueling well when about 6 miles in I started getting horrible stomach cramping on my right side, making it difficult to run at all. I seriously was questioning whether I had appendicitis based on my heart rate LOL. -

Then I told myself to suck it up because I was only running 15.6 miles. I started doing some ultra problem-solving and figured out the issue was most likely lack of absorption of my nutrients because of the high heat and humidity. I took an electrolyte tab and just drank water. A few miles after doing so the cramps started to subside and I was able to get back into a good rhythm and pass people on the way to the finish. -

I couldn’t be more pleased with how strong my body felt and how it performed in this first race of my spring season, after just really six weeks of training. I ended up finishing first in my age group, sixth female and 19th overall in a time of 2:48:43! As an age group winner I scored a cool book “The 50 Places To Run Before You Die” by Chris Santella. And now at least one in the book is checked off! -

The icing on the cake of an already fantastic day at the races was hearing that one of my athletes placed 2nd OA Female in the 50 miler! -

Thanks so much to Bob Becker and all his amazing volunteers for a great race. Super excited to see many of them again in just a couple months for my 5th time running the Keys Ultra! —

Bulow Woods 50k-My Grand Season Finale.

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

Bulow Woods 50k was SO MUCH FUN! It was the grand finale of three 50k’s I set my sights on to run this fall. Although in the past my preferred distances have been 50 miles+, I decided I would focus on 50ks in order to give my body the recovery it needed post my solo and to just enjoy racing without all the logistics involved with distances beyond this. I would be lying if I also did not admit to having the goal that I would better my time with each and finish the year feeling fast and strong.

I can not tell you how awesome it was to wake up and do a 50k in my backyard. To have Michael Dale Davis manning the AS was icing on the cake. I felt good the first loop of 15 miles trying not to get caught up in the competition and just running my plan which was 5 miles per hour. Those who ran Jacks this year may find it good karma and humorous that I ran a small segment of first loop backwards when I missed a sign. I know I did. ??

Being an out and back course it was so inspiring to see new and experienced runner alike taking on the 50k or half. I was smiling from ear to ear as many called my name out to say hello. I really find this course beautiful and fell into a groove of enjoying running to my music and staying in the moment.

I came into my second loop feeling great and cheered in by THE Sean Blanton, who kindly complimented me on my INKnBURN skirt and encouraged me to “go crush it”. ??

I decided to see what I had and push my pace a bit the second loop till the turn around. I was buoyed on by seeing my sweet boys and the Dr. Pepper they brought me.

I began passing runners as I came into the turn around and realized then I was within reach of my 50k PR. I began racing the clock but instead of feeling pain I only felt elation at not only being able to do so but for feeling so strong.

As I passed the last AS Howard York told me if I hurried I could catch Bradley Cooper at the finish line. At first I was like who? Do I know him? He replied “The actor. He is just ahead of you. “ I was like “Ohh thanks for the motivation to run faster. “ I was sorely disappointed at the finish to realize I had been played, but It did make me run faster. ??

Just as I was racing to catch Bradley and counting myself lucky the last mile for not falling I took a hard one. I picked myself up quickly and realized I did not have a moment to spare to break my PR. Which I then realized I was not exactly sure what it is was. ??

In the end I crossed the finish in 6:03:52, 6th female/ 19th overall, negative splitting the 50k. Regardless if I had achieved my PR or not I had just had a GREAT day at the races. And for those you always have to be thankful. I celebrated once done in the best way how....with a beer and a fireball shot with my best gal, the RDs, Michael and Polly.

When I got home I found that I had come within a minute of my PR set four years ago at Citrus 50k. Considering the wet, muddy conditions of today’s course I am thrilled. I am also super happy to have accomplished my racing goals this season.

Thanks to my sponsors for keeping me running strong and in style. My nutrition was on point, my feet golden and as usual I got rave reviews on my attire. Thanks too to my friends, and RD’s extraordinary, Stacy Ricks Stonerand Don Stoner for putting on an incredible race with the old school vibe I ??!

My Badwater 146 Supported Solo: Running Down a Dream!

by Dawn Lisenby on 07/26/18

This is the story of how one epic journey unfolded for those interested.

We arrived at Badwater Basin at 6:30 A.M. in prep for our 7 am start time. We were meeting our other two crew members, Tiffany and Walter, there and for the first time. After a greeting that felt as if I had known both of them forever, and a quick pic by the sign in our cool INKnBURN gear, I was off, choking back tears that I was finally on my way.

The first 17 miles went by fast as I ran it alone, continually evaluating my HR and how it was fairing with the high heat and humidity I could feel was present. My crew kept me cool and we adjusted to what was working and what was not. I came into Furnace Creek a little after 11 am right where I wanted to be.

The next 25 miles were the hottest of the solo. With temps reaching 125 (well at one point the thermometer just had —- so it may have reached higher) with a reading of 136 off the pavement. I was still running well and my crew did an outstanding job of keeping me cool. Walter and Tiffany traded out pacing so they could continuously spray me down the last and hottest stretch before Stovepipe Wells mile 42.

Carla and Heather began to have heat stress just performing crewing duties and Walter as well became stressed to point of cramping after running with me. I had planned a break at SW for regrouping and cool down and knew it now was more essential than ever to get us all out of the heat. We arrived at SW at 6:30 pm again right on target.

Little did we know how fortuitous this would be. As my crew ate and I rested a massive sandstorm blew in with winds gusting to 20-30 mph. It lasted for 2 hours! It delayed our departure but We were SO happy not to get caught in it.

At 10:30 pm I began my climb up Towne Pass. I was feeling tired but determined to get it done and into Panamint by early am so my crew could rest there after our 4 hour delay due to storm. The miles clicked off as crew switched off pacing me. Carla spent most of the decent with me as we laughed and swatted bats away from our face.

We got into Panamint Springs Resort mile 72 at 7 A.M. , found our tent cabin and all crashed hard for an hour. It being hard to sleep due to heat, but our first rest in 24 hours. After a shower, change, resupply, food and a fixing of my feet we were off at 12 pm.

Father Crowley climb was one of my favorite sections of the course. I felt strong and enjoyed my time spent with Tiffany as we made it quickly to the top under a rain shower. While my crew waited for me they got to experience the fighter jets fly through the canyon.

Once at the top I was treated to the unexpected surprise of my friend Brad and his wife Andrea coming out to lend their support. It was a big lift for me to get to run a few miles with Brad and fitting as he has been a big inspiration for my completing the solo after years of watching his adventures in the desert and BW races.

I arrived into Darwin mile 90 at 7 pm feeling good but tired. I decided to make a clothing change and take a 15 min nap before heading into the night. I truly love this section of the course,, with Joshua Trees, mountains and stars. OMG the stars. At one point I had to ask my crew if I was hallucinating because the sky looked three dimensional. We even witnessed a meteor streak across the sky.

As we moved closer to Lone Pine I began to feel incredibly fatigued . I was getting into unknown territory mileage wise. My feet were hurting, feeling like the bottoms of them had been burnt as they were tender to walk on. My crew traded off going into rooms we had there so as to get some much needed rest. I was ready to get into LP and rest myself. I was hallucinating turtles from sage brush and that I was on a conveyor belt of a road merely moving in place.. With 8 miles left I succumbed to the need to sleep and took a 15 min nap. It made a world of difference.

At 5:30 A.M. with an end to the longest road ever in site I was treated to a visit by a HUGE hero of mine Badwater Ben Jones. I told him he was a light at what had become a very dark tunnel.

We got into LP mile 122 and our rooms at the Dow Villa at 7:30 A.M. I planned to rest, regroup and secure permits here for our summit attempt early Sun am. After a three hour nap, a shower and a burger/fries at The Whitney I felt rejuvenated and ready to go.

At 8:30pm we began our climb up to the Portals. This again went very fast as crew traded out with me every 3 miles and I was feeling strong. Before we knew it we were at the top, arriving at 12 A.M, 135 miles in. After securing our food etc from car in bear containers and loading up our backpacks with food and hydration for our summit we were on our way at 1 A.M.

The Whitney Trail is just gorgeous. So many beautiful wild flowers, trees and most incredible rocks. I rocks. We also had a deer sighting just steps from us on trail eating and not disturbed by us at all. To be out there under the moon and stars was just magical as to be expected. What was not expected were the number of water crossings we had to make due to rain and snow melt the past few days, and wet feet very early on that slowed our progress.

As am approached and we reached base camp Carla and Walter began experiencing attitude sickness with headaches, and for Carla nausea and dizziness as well. With their slowing the decision was made for the group to separate to ensure the safety of Carla and successful summit.

The climb to the summit was arduous and long, with scramble over rock on legs with 144 miles in them. Walter and Heather kept me focused and safe as we made our way slowly to the top finally reaching it 14, 508 ft high at 10:30 A.M. I cried and hugged my gal Heather for what we had just accomplished and months of prep to this moment sank in.

It was bittersweet tho as two of our crew were not with us. As we prepped me to get back down two people came in and asked if we were part of a team as there were two other girls just 40 min back with the same cool leggings as us. We were ecstatic that Tiffany and Carla were going to make it to the top as we had not seen them in hours. After many tears, hugs, a few pics, and a summit dance party, we moved to get down as we knew a storm was approaching.

It was slow going as we scrambled over rock, looked for trail, filtered water and tried to not fall asleep while on a ledge many feet up. As we approached the front side of the mountain the storm blew in and we tried to quickly descend as we were pelted by dine size hail and lightening cracked around us.

Finally, we got to base camp which was flooded. We struggled to find the trail because it was so under water. Moving became essential to staying warm. Eventually after many more water crossings and switchbacks we found our way at the bottom, 18.5 hours after we started. Yes that is how gnarly this 22 mile round trip was. We arrived back to our car Sunday at 9 pm.

My solo was completed in a time of 75 hours and 30 min for the 146 miles from lowest to highest point in the 48 states. The additional miles coming down for a total of 157 are just bonus miles.

I could not have accomplished what I did becoming the 273 documented supported solo, 33rd women without the help of my crew. My success is really due all to them. I also could not have run as happy without the superior products of my sponsors. My feet, besides being burnt were great! Thank you Trail Toes! My nutrition was SPOT on. I NEVER had any issues with my stomach. Thank you Skratch Labs! And I ran CHAFE free in the most comfortable, good looking apparel I have ever run in. Thank you INKnBURN!

I am forever changed by this journey in so many ways. Mostly by marveling at the beauty that is out there to experience and the incredible capabilities of the human mind and body that I will continue to explore.

Thank you to all of you who cheered me forward and believed in me. Never give up on your dreams!!

100 Mile PR @ 2018 Keys 100!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/12/18

My second Keys 100 is in the books with a new PR of 26:53. I am super happy with this result as I was using this race as training for Solo146. Although it was not as HOT as usual it was a tough day nonetheless with overcast drizzle hiding the VERY high humidity and giving the dangerous allusion that this year would be “easier”. Additionally, monsoonal rain plagued runners from about 9:30 sat night until early hours of the morning. With huge puddles covering the sidewalk leading to many runners dealing with feet issues. I of course had that covered with TrailToes and although ran with wet shoes all day my feet came away pretty unscathed. 

The first 60 miles I spent running with one of my athletes and good friend Michael Davis who was running the race too. He was great company and encouragement and made the miles speed by figuratively and literally. It was my plan to get to the 7 mile bridge by sunset and was pleased that we reached it well under that and cruised into the 50 mile checkpoint in 10:37. It also was intentional to run the first half of the race at a strong but controlled pace to replicate some of the fatigue I will feel in later miles of solo. 

The slowdown was inevitable on the back half as the heavy rain moved in and feet and chafing had to be taken care of every 10 miles not to have issues. I also battled a bit of stomach distress due to high humidity creating a problem with the absorption of my fluids which we made too concentrated. I mostly walked from miles 70-90 to let it reset. I also was alone during this stretch for a good three hours in the dark of the early morning as my crew, and I kept missing each other. An apb was put out for me with the Keys Marshals who showed their love and support by making sure I was okay as I came into the 10 mile checkpoint. I once again chalked it all up to good training for what is ahead of me in Death Valley. 

In the end I was able to run the last 5 miles stronger than I have finished any of my previous three races here, including the 50k, which made me VERY pleased with where my training is at. 

A 100 mile journey is never accomplished alone. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers on the course. It was so great to hear my name called out when I came into AS and feel the love from so many familiar faces. It seriously motivated me to get further down the course to see all of you. Thanks also to my best gal for being there for me once again, and for Darlene stepping in to crew Michael, when he was unable to find one. And for Bob Becker and his amazing team for putting on another memorable race. Thanks to my sponsors for having my back, with hydration/nutrition , foot care/chafing, apparel and skincare. You all help me to achieve each and every finish line stronger. 

Every year after I run this race I swear off coming back, but as one of my favorite people Katy said to me at the finish line, “How can you not?” “There is just something special about this race”. I agree and can’t imagine being any where else the third week of May. 


by Dawn Lisenby on 01/05/18

I am excited to share with all of you my being named a 2018 INKnBURN ambassador!  After having the opportunity to run in INKnBURN, due to their generously supplying their athlete Grant Maughan’s Badwater crew with several kits EACH this summer, I fell in LOVE with the feel and fit, not to mention, the look of their apparel.

I find it especially cool that
all their designs are limited edition.  They make everything start to finish in one warehouse in Southern California so they have a limited production capacity. 

Additionally, they apply their art by hand to each panel of their amazing feeling performance fabric before sewing.  (For one shirt that is 6 pieces of fabric!)  They then use a process of heat and pressure that allows their art to stain the fibers of the fabric so you can't feel it and it doesn't fade, crack or peel. However their performance fabrics still feel silky cool, wick away moisture and breathe as they were intended to do.

Once the art has been applied to the fabric pieces, sewing is next in the process. 
Almost every seam in their tech shirts is sewn twice to ensure strength and also to ensure the seams are flat to prevent chafing or rubbing. Which is of utmost importantance to an ultra runner!!  Matter of fact all their styles are tested on ultra runners at extreme distances. They actually rely on feedback from ultrarunners to test the limits of their performance clothing in extreme conditions and high mileage.

Lastly, they design for people that don't feel the need to blend in with the crowd.  In their own words:  " We want to make clothing you love so much that it inspires you to do your laundry more often so you can wear it more.  We want to be the company that puts a smile on your face when you put on our clothes and others smile when they see you wearing them.  We want to make the clothing you reach for when you want to defy expectations, set PRs, and accomplish your dreams." 

I think it is very easy to see why I LOVE INKnBURN, not just for their amazing apparel, but for the ethos of the company and the way they approach making their product.  If you want to "feel the INKnBURN difference" for yourself check out their one of a kind designs here Be sure to sign up for their newsletter
so they can notify you as soon as a new design launches! When a design sells out, it is gone! You don't want to miss out!

An Ancient Oaks 100 Finish with Thanks to My Ultra Family!

by Dawn Lisenby on 01/05/18

What can I say...I like my 100’s to be extra challenging! But doing AO 100 10 weeks post Grindstone may be taking things a bit too far. ?? From the beginning my legs just had nothing. I kept thinking they would come around after a few more miles, as sometimes after 10-20 they begin to loosen up, but they just never did.

I figured it was the Grindstone elevation still sitting in them and resigned myself to a training run of 50k, if lucky 50 miles, as I knew my friend Michael was coming to run 20 or so miles with me. But when he showed up saying he wanted to get 50 overnight miles in as a training run, I could not disappoint him and was determined to carry on come what may! I was so glad I did, as we had SO much fun talking, and navigating the roots/sand together. It really was a most wonderful night. Thank you Michael so much!

The last 21 became a struggle. Compounded by an already aggravated calf strain from Grindstone, that reared its head once again 2 weeks prior and required my walking all soft sand sections of course from the beginning. It most likely is to blame for my spraining my ankle going into the last 10 miles, making it a suffer fest of epic proportions. But I was determined to get my finish, being so close to it and coming that far.

I have never gone to such a dark place to get a race done, literally collapsing into a chair at the finish. I was barely able to stand up, let alone make it to my car, because as soon as I finished I could not bear any weight at all on my ankle. It is crazy what adrenaline will do.

After being assisted there, I tried to lay down, as was so tired. But then I realized the two runners I coach would be coming in shortly for their FIRST 100 mile finish, which I wanted to see. I drove over to the start, where once again I was assisted out of the car into a chair. I was so very proud, happy and inspired by seeing Ivana and Maya run strong to the finish, on a tough day, that included 33 DNFs and only 22 finishes! And to get to spend time on course with both of these very incredible ladies! 

I went into this race solo due to my best crew gal, Carla getting sick race week.
But the ultra community never let me feel so. To Scott assisting me during the day to fill my bladder or get ice. To Brandice; running a most FUN loop with me, changing batteries, and driving me home, when due to my ankle I could not drive. As well as, loading my van up at race AND unloading it for me when I got home! Conspicuously Bruce was not around for this. ??. Although he did offer much encouragement and laughs throughout the day.

To my beautiful, inside and out, gal Darlene that I got to run 2 cherished laps with. A VERY bright spot in my day. To Matthew who carried me to and out of my car and loaded it, cracking me up the entire time. To Tamiya, who although I never let help with my lube as he offered many times LOL, did give much needed and appreciated shoulder massages. To my sweet Julie and CB Pops for their continual words of encouragement and inspiration they provided on course watching them achieve distance pr’s. To a Heather and Tim sighting, words and hugs that boosted me BIG time!

To Christiañ for his lending me a bladder and example on course of fighting through to get a badass finish! To giving/receiving motivation on course from my ULTRA idols; Jeff, Andy, Jim, and Bernadette. To sharing a enjoyable lap with Mike, whom I never have talked with before, but was super impressed by him gutting it out to the finish.

To the amazing volunteers; Lynsey, Michael,Jeff, Tony and Juan; for staying up all night, your cheers EVERY lap and help. With Juan even, out of his own volition, running food out to me on course multiple times! You are a gem! 

Lastly, to the man, Mike Melton, who I have come to LOVE spending time with over the years, as I watched him encourage many a runner over a finish line at my races. I was so excited to finally get my chance for him to do so for me, with that smile and his unique way, to a 29:35 finish. Making me the 6th OA female out of 14. Thanks to my sponsors for always helping me finish strong in style!

The enchanted forest is not just so because of the splendor of it’s TOUGH course, but because of a community that gathers there once a year to encourage others to achieve what few do. I will forevermore be there to support it, as it truly it is a special place and AO 100 a most special race.

Finding the Finish at Grindstone 100!

by Dawn Lisenby on 11/08/17

Heading into Grindstone I had one goal and one goal only… to get my finish in order to enter the Hardrock lottery. This was no easy task as the relentless uphill and downhill of this course tore up my legs! This made the last 20 miles of the race, over large rock, in the rain and thick fog death-defying primarily due to my quads not cooperating AT ALL, which resulted in my nearly going over the ridge line many times. The only thing to do was to slow down to ensure I got what I came for and did not end up down the side of a mountain.

For those of you who like stats, the odds were not in my favor. Of 237 starters only 28 were women, showing you not many females take on this course. 183 runners reached the finish, with 46 DNFS. Of the 28 women 22 finished  with me being the oldest amongst them by 5 years! I think I am most proud of this. Full results can be found here

Also not in my favor is the course being 102 miles long with 46,000 feet of elevation change, and me being a flatlander from Florida . Day before the race the cold I had been evading for 1.5 weeks, that my boys had, finally got me...pretty sure I was running a fever during the prerace meeting. This left me unable to sleep the night before the race due to congestion , which meant three nights of no sleep. As a female I was at a place in my monthly cycle not optimal for racing which is not good for performance. I also had a personal family issue weighing on my shoulders, which left me a bit spent emotionally.

I share all of this is to convey the old adage "you are only as good as your crew". LOL  While that is VERY true, and I am most indebted to both Omer and Carla for helping me achieve my goal, it is also to say "You can do more than you think you can". And the mind is one HELL of a powerful ally when running 100 miles.

I really should not have finished this race. But I never let myself believe, even with all the odds stacked against me, that I could not. I am so thankful to my crew, and strength of mind, to have done so. I really feel I can do anything now if I set my mind to it. Watch out here I come!

Thanks to Omer for keeping me from doing so multiple times through one long night of ups and downs...figuratively and literally. I can not think of a better person to have been by my side those last 35 miles. His quiet assurance gave me confidence and strength when it was sorely needed and my goal looked in doubt. I really had the dynamic duo helping me, with my best gal, Carla, assisting him in keeping me moving for MANY hours strong, and her pacing me from the turn around to 65.

In addition to those two integral components many other thanks are due for my goal coming to fruition. Thanks to Malu for running with me through the night. Congrats to her on her strong finish and masters win! She has always inspired me, but after spending the night running/ talking with her, even more so. What a lady! Thanks to her crew, and my friend, Chris Thompson for assisting mine and his words of encouragement.

Thanks to Chris "G-Money" for meeting me at the 50 mile turn around in THE shirt and his awesome smile. It REALLY lifted my spirits.

Thanks to Eric Can't Stop Law for his words of advice both before, at the start, and on course. That you came back to do this race again AND finished it in the constant rain (whereas I only had it for last 30) last year has me even more in awe of you as an athlete.

Thanks to one of the nicest guys I know, my friend David, for driving not a short time from a family wedding in Va to see me off at the start. Your " warrior women" moniker came to mind several times when I stopped believing in myself. As did those of many of you who gave me advice leading into the race, especially regarding my poles, they were a life saver.

Thanks to my sponsors for products that are second to none. Lemon-Lime Skratch (for 37 hours 30 minutes!) and real food did not let me down. Trail Toes helped my feet look so good that it prompted one AS volunteer to say I had beautiful feet at mile 78.  ILOVEULTRARUNNING had me kitted up like a champ, as per usual.

Thanks to my boys for the inspiration and cheers they provide their mom in these CRAZY endeavors she takes on.

Thanks to Clark Zealand, the Grindstone RD for his well done, beast of a race; his awesome volunteers; and old school vibe.

Finally, thanks to all of you for caring about my adventures and sharing yours with me. I really do LOVE ultrarunning! And my SHINY new BOOtiful buckle!! I think I like 100's YES I do.
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L2O 100k-I Got My Damn Buoy!!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/16/17

I have never been so scared of or beat up by a race before as L2O 100k. The navigation and terrain require constant vigilance that wears you down physically and mentally over 62 miles. Then you add in the heat and humidity of this time of year, and cover more than half the course in water, and well for me it adds up to an ass kicking.

I had a plan of hitting 4-5 miles an hour depending on course conditions. Early on I tried to stay within sight of someone as was so worried to get lost but realized to do so was not to run my race. And if I was going to run I needed to do my thing and not rely on others to guide me. I did get lost, a few times the first 50k, but only minimally.

Just when I was about to hit a low spot I decided to call my friend Omer to ask about a course change that was made due to rain. He told me he was just ahead and would wait for me. And just like that we were together again for the remaining 40 miles as we were last year. I can't thank him enough for his guidance, encouragement and pushing me when I did not think I had anything left. I really could not imagine it any other way.

As we ran together at mid day the heavy rain began and would not let up till early evening. We also had to navigate a lot of water on the back half of the course but despite it all we maintained a steady forward motion and our sense of humor. Even after I took a nasty fall that could have been game over with 4 miles out when in the dark my leg fell through a hole up to my hip on a concrete bridge. I gots some nice souvenirs from that detour.

Finally, we popped out on the last section and ran to the beach with a goal of going sub 16. Nothing ever felt so good as jumping in the ocean (pic is post) and knowing that this time I had earned that DAMN BUOY! As a bonus I finished 3 rd overall female in a time of 15:53. Much improved over my 18:30 unofficial finish of last year.

I so appreciate all of you who followed along, cheered me along the course and cared about this journey for me. It is a deeply emotional one after what I have been through since this race last year. As I told my rock star crew "I should not have even finished this race but with your keeping me running strong and laughing through all the miles I did. I dont have to tell you all what a treasure the Thompsons are. They are a top notch crew and humans that I am so very grateful wanted to spend their weekend caring for this girl. I told Julie as she was tucking my wrecked body into bed last night. I did not think I could love you all anymore than I did, but I do. 

Congrats to my fellow runners on the course, you were amazing. This is a special race and finishing it is no small feat. Thank you Jeff Stephens for bringing this torture to us and congrats on your finish. It was really great to run some miles with you. FINALLY, thanks to my sponsors and family for supporting my crazy passion that without, I would not be me.

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Keys 50k-Back to the Races at My Favorite Place!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/16/17

Finished Keys 50k- 11th overall, 6th female and first in my age group at 6:08:08. I am ecstatic to say the least after having been away from racing an ultra since last years Keys 50.

Really felt solid all day with my nutrition, as well as physically, to hit my goal of 5 miles per hour with even splits. As always at the Keys the heat must be managed or you will falter. I was aided in that department, incredibly well, by my best gal who is now seasoned at crewing here. She was always waiting with what I needed so I never had to stop. Then was by my side the last 5 miles to keep me moving strong when I was attempting to maintain a lead over another competitor. I can not thank her enough for her helping me to achieve this result.

It does take a village and I truly appreciate the support of mine, from the products that keep me running happy, to the people who cheer me on. Focused now on recovery in anticipation of some more FUN, ultra style, at L2O 100k in 2 weeks.
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Back to a Start Line @ Torreya 25k!

by Dawn Lisenby on 04/16/17

After seven long months of not feeling the thrill of a race day I was ecstatic to do so April 8th at Torreya 25k.  The day began with the greeting of friends and my favorite running conditions of a cold, clear day.  It ended with my to do list being complete!  Spend the day on a beautiful trail...check. Experience Joe Edgecombe's amazing Torreya 50k/25k's ...check. Put my ZERO hill trained body/ injury to the test on a course with 2300 ft of elevation....check. Share some laughs/convo with my fav group of people....thank you Heather, Andrea, Danielle and David .....check. Finish 10th female OA, 12 minutes off first Masters with legs trashed from bombing some sick descents and a smile on my face...check. And my final item...celebrate a finish by drinking my trophy....Beer Camp Golden IPA....check.  This race is one not to be missed. Incredible in every way. Almost don't want to let the secret out. I will be back for the 50k next year...trained and ready! 

Now onto my next start.... Corbett 18 miler on April 22nd.  Decided to join the fun surely to be had there and ...get my L2O training on! Looking forward to seeing many of my favorite people and the beautiful tropical terrain course affords.  So grateful to be out there and able to do what I LOVE!! 

It has been a long road back from an injury from a fall sustained while trail running in October 2015 then made worse by racing through it during Spring of 2016 and misdiagnosis.....multiple times!  I am glad to finally be in the care of a knowledgeable and caring professional who took the time to really figure out what was going on with me and get me back to running PAIN FREE.  I also began to lean more on all the experience I have had rehabbing runners back from injury and poor care.  And to LISTEN to my body.  Something I train all my athletes to do but have not done enough of myself.

Excited to be back to a start and looking forward to others later this spring at Keys and L2O.  It will be a gradual progression back to allow my body to continue healing and adapt to the increased demands that racing requires on it.  See you at the races!  Happy Running!!!

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Photo Credit: @onyourleftplease