8th Overall, 7th female, 4th masters @ 2016 Keys 50  
Personalized Not Computerized Training Plans
Run Natural Coach is a platform for runners to improve all facets of their running .   This includes form, strength, and heart rate training.

 Whether it is improving your personal best, recovering from an injury, or improving your form to help prevent injury, we will give you plans and exercises to reach your individual potential.  What we don't offer is computerized plans that are based on an algorithm or some basic information. 

 Run Natural Coach is a format for designing specific training programs based on human interaction and communication.  We factor in all aspects of  you the individual before putting a custom plan together for you the runner.
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2nd female, 1st masters, and 6th overall @ 2016 Croom 100k 
Finisher @ 2015 Keys 100 
11th Overall, 6th Female 
and 1st AG @ 2017 Keys 50k
3rd Female Overall 
@ 2017 L2O 100k 
Finisher @ 2017 Grindstone 100 
12th Overall, 6th Female 
@ 2017 Ancient Oaks 100
Certified Newton Level I and II 
Running Coach
Certified Lydiard II Running Coach
SIYI 1000hr Yoga Instructor
Finisher and 4th in AG @  2018 Keys 100 
33rd women, 125th person to complete Badwater 146 Solo in 75 hours 30 min on 7/22/2018, 
2nd fastest time for a women over 50.  
1st Overall Female 2019 Corbett 50k
3rd Overall Female 2019 Keys 50k
8th OA, 3rd Female 2019 L2O 100k 
2020 Big Blue 132 Mile Solo Finisher
2nd OAF 
2020 Mountaineer Rumble 100
2022 Donna 110 Overall Champion
2021 Daytona 100 Finisher 
2023 Donna 110 Overall Female 
2023 Badwater 135 Finisher
2023 Miami 100 Finisher-
3rd overall female,10th overall