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Lake to Ocean 100k-Giving It My Heart and Sole!! :)

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

I gave my ?? and soul to L2O 100k. But even when battling 95 degree heat, water/mud for 20 miles, and 3 epic hard falls, I still managed to accomplish my goal of navigating through this course, soaking in the incredible beauty, and finding my way with joy. Thrilled to also finish as 3rd female overall in 16:48.

Except for early on when I ran with Tony through a section of Dupuis, so pretty with wildflowers, and last 7 miles of JD, I ran this race on my own. I listened to music for only 9 HOT miles of mucky, mud through Corbett to distract myself from my legs being still tired from racing in the Keys. Also my body was not processing fluids due to heat and was making for miserable running. My rockstar crew Maya made it all better as her and Lulu worked to cool me at 31 miles in and massaged my legs in tandem!!

The next section was very exposed and hot to Beeline but I saw hope on the horizon as a storm was brewing. This was my favorite part of the race, moving through a thunderstorm in the Slough. I felt like I was in a tropical rain forest I was excited that I was reaching my goal of getting to Riverbend an hour or so before cutoff so I could get through most of JD before dark. I always love and appreciate the ultra support at that last crew stop! Once again Maya was on it and got me out in 7 minutes!

I was finally feeling better stomach wise and began to work on clipping off some miles so I could get through tricky sections in light (thanks Mark for your tips they really helped). When it did get dark I was so glad to see a runner, Rob Towe, when we saw the giant hog. ?? We ran the dunes strong. Then it was but a boulevard of lined trees to the best finish in the ocean!

I was emotional for all this race meant to me in running for a friend who brought so much light and laughter to our community. I know I was being led by many who inspire me as I saw 5 cardinals on the course!

Of course I could not have completed this adventure without sweet Maya who did so great crewing a difficult race. Congrats to all the crews/runners! Thanks to Dusty for keeping this old school ultra going. And my sponsors for keeping me running strong! 

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