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Everglades 25k-First Race of 2019 is in the Books!!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

The Everglades 25K gave me everything that I came for and then some: tropical, trail beauty, wildlife sightings, awesome RD, some of my favorite ultra friends, meeting new ones, and a serious heat beat down. -

I was hoping if I took one here I might not suffer so badly at Corbett, as I usually do, just a month away. SUFFER I did. When I saw my heart rate up 22 beats standing at the start line I was a little concerned that something might be going on with me health wise. But once I started running I felt good, although my heart rate was extremely high for me. I kept messing with it to see if was malfunctioning but every time I walked to drink it went down. I was running and fueling well when about 6 miles in I started getting horrible stomach cramping on my right side, making it difficult to run at all. I seriously was questioning whether I had appendicitis based on my heart rate LOL. -

Then I told myself to suck it up because I was only running 15.6 miles. I started doing some ultra problem-solving and figured out the issue was most likely lack of absorption of my nutrients because of the high heat and humidity. I took an electrolyte tab and just drank water. A few miles after doing so the cramps started to subside and I was able to get back into a good rhythm and pass people on the way to the finish. -

I couldn’t be more pleased with how strong my body felt and how it performed in this first race of my spring season, after just really six weeks of training. I ended up finishing first in my age group, sixth female and 19th overall in a time of 2:48:43! As an age group winner I scored a cool book “The 50 Places To Run Before You Die” by Chris Santella. And now at least one in the book is checked off! -

The icing on the cake of an already fantastic day at the races was hearing that one of my athletes placed 2nd OA Female in the 50 miler! -

Thanks so much to Bob Becker and all his amazing volunteers for a great race. Super excited to see many of them again in just a couple months for my 5th time running the Keys Ultra! —

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