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2020 LH 100 Iconic Florida Buckle Earned!

by Dawn Lisenby on 04/02/21

I can’t stop smiling. Not just because of course it is the day AFTER and I am already romanticizing the 100 mile distance and how wonderful it is. ????
But because as one of my lovely friends so appropriately conveyed “my heart tank is full.”
How lucky I am to have spent a day, four hours, and fifty minutes on some beautiful trails in the woods, surrounded by an incredible group of people. Some who were my support, my athletes, others my comrades, my inspiration and cherished friends. You kept me moving and laughing...which at times was not easy.
I was moving well for my first 70 miles. Keeping at bay problems that many were experiencing due to going out fast in heat and would lead to lots of dnfs, close to 70 by some accounts. However the last 50k+ 3.5 miles ?? the suffering was REAL as I battled sleep deprivation at night with some nice hallucinations. As well as, the uneven terrain catching up with me and causing some stress to my back/hip leading to my need to slow down. However due to of all of you I never had a doubt I would make it to the finish, which was my primary goal, to collect this buckle that has been on my bucket list since I began running ultras, as another friend said “because it is a piece of Florida ultra history.”
Thanks to
for keeping Long Haul alive so I could. The volunteers for their time, my favorite
for cheering me forward, making me food and giving his all always. My SIS
who I am so grateful to and love dearly as they go above and beyond for me.
for pacing me through the night, telling me stories, making me laugh and distracting me from the pain.
, and Jesse, for their endless encouragement and smiles.
Lastly a huge thank you to my sponsors. I have not a single blister and zero chafing. My nutrition was spot on despite the heat. I got sooo many comments on my Salming Speed that flowed and glowed in the dark. My INKnBURN apparel kept me cool, warm and looking good through the many miles. I may have had a few wardrobe changes. ?? Till we meet again ultra family. Happy Trails!
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