It was great to see you and the clinic was fantastic. It helped me so much on my learning curve and helped anchor things for me that I get now how to really incorporate into the training you give me. I thought you did an exceptional job of teaching people and you are a very good communicator. I couldn't be more pleased and truly meant what I said about you as a coach. I don't think I have told you this before but I worked with Carmichael Training Systems for a year and the results with you are far better. Additionally, my brother in law is a highly respected sports physical therapist in Tennessee and has a similar coaching service that he also does on the side where he trains endurance athletes with strength (he is a phenomenal athlete playing middle linebacker for the University of Colorado when they won the national championship) and has qualified for Boston with sub 3:05 times at age 46. I say all of that to say, I would take you over Carmichael or Mick (my brother in law) any day!
Drew Read,   COO
Paul Anderson Youth Home
Vidalia, GA

Your coaching has been a life changing experience. She has transformed my life in so many ways that I will forever be grateful. When I first started running with her my pace was 19:35 per mile.  Recently, I ran a 5K with 12:48 and 13:39 pace. That is six minutes less then when I first started, I could not believe it. Dawn has also trained me to, race 5K's, 10K's, 15K's, and about a month ago I completed my first 1/2 marathon. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to run like this in my 50's. She has trained me to go faster, run safer, change my eating habits, loose weight (30 lb.), and I am still improving on all these areas. I am now heading towards bigger goals like, trail running and a Marathon. This is crazy, but I know I can do it because I have Dawn with me as a coach, trainer, encourager, and friend. She is an awesome trainer.
Thank you Dawn ... and thank you Jack! 
Nena Van Dalen
Palm Coast, Fl
Using Dawn's training techniques and expert advice, I went from being essentially a non-runner to qualifying for the Boston Marathon in only my third marathon. Over the past year, I've had new PRs for 5K, 15K and half marathon distances. Not bad for a guy in his 50s. Thanks Dawn!-    
Ed Prevatte, MD
Florida Hospital Ormond 
Dawn trained me for my first 50 miler and got me to the start AND finish lines healthy with great results. I can't wait to see what we can do for this year's JFK 50 miler!
Tara Kilcullen
Director of Training Product Development
Raydon Corporation
Port Orange, Fl

I have been a recreational runner since my teenage years. I wanted to get better and knew I needed a coach. I started training with Dawn in March of 2012. I closely followed her training program and could tell that I was progressing with each session. Not only did I improve strength and speed, I felt stronger and faster as evidenced by my race times from a 5k through 1/2 marathon. It's a fact that she made me a much more efficient and smart runner. With her help it was possible to go from barely placing in an age group to become overall female champion in the 2013 Palm Coast race series. Now approaching my first marathon, I know this would not have happened injury free without her expertise, guidance and watchful eye. I highly recommend Dawn if you are looking for interesting workouts that will improve your running strengths and speed. (Karola, Palm Coast)
Best Regards,
Karola Schorner
Tee Times USA
Palm Coast, Fl
Thanks to coach Dawn Lisenby, I have completed many of my running goals injury free!! These goals have ranged from running my fastest 5k to completing my first 50k. With my second 50k coming in a few weeks:). Dawns knowledge and experience have kept me running strong and injury free for four years now. 
Carla Cellini
Flagler Beach, Fl
I met Dawn at a race years ago- 2008.
She became my friend and coach that summer. Since then I have enjoyed the results of her guidance.
While I could name many accomplishments, I will list the main milestones:
1. She got me into the best shoes ever for me. This happened after I attended a session on form. Since switching to minimal shoes I have not had any running injuries !
2. She helped me BQ a couple of times
3. She coached me to a new age related 5KPR.
4. Most recently she helped me to be able to complete my first 50 miler !
Laura Monroe-Dupree
St. Petersburg, Fl
I’ve always been a pretty avid runner, running lots of road races from 5Ks to half marathons. I started to really take an interest in trail running and ultra distance races but having no real guidance I was constantly injuring myself and becoming completely frustrated with running in general. My massage therapist told me about Dawn and I met her for an assessment, she was quickly and accurately able to analyze my form and the areas of my musculature that I was weak in and thus causing my constant injuries. She has been coaching me for almost a year now and has taken me from being injured and frustrated to a very happy and confident runner! I have done several marathons and various distance trail races with no injuries and am always improving my races times with each and working up to running my first ultra-distance races this year! Dawn is extremely experienced, super knowledgeable and is always uplifting and makes you always want to do your best! I wouldn't be the runner I am today with out her guidance, encouragement and friendship. If you are looking for a coach to get back in the game or getting you ready for any distance race, Dawn Lisenby is the coach for you. 
Mark Dodds
Port Orange, Fl
Before stamp my personal goals for 2017, I will take this moment to look back and think on how far I have gone regarding endurance sports. I can and at the same time I can’t believe is been 3 years since we started this journey with the main objective of being healthy, strong and determine to reach my goals. From having painful 5k runs to finish: 1 Marathon, 2 half Marathons, 6 Half Ironman’s and 1 Ironman…I will say I have been successful on reaching my goals (and WE including YOU as my coach and mentor) have been very successful. Thank you very much for your support and advise, you are part of this success.
Carlos Torres
Sebring, Fl

I've hired Dawn six month before attempting my third 100 miler. My goal was, to run better, finish stronger and PR my previous hundred miler times. With Dawn's guidance, I became more efficient runner, who can go longer with less impact and quicker recovery. I've never felt she overloaded the mileage or the intensity of the workouts. She's very easy to communicate with, and will adjust the plan based on whatever life throws at you... Despite being off training for about four weeks due to surgery, Dawn was able to get me to the start line completely conditioned and ready! Not only I've PR'ed the race, the impact on my body was minimal, and the recovery was much much quicker than previous races. Thank you Dawn!!
Omer Leibovich 
Boca Raton, Fl
I credit my pace/heart rate/ feeling amazing these first 75 miles to your phenomenal coaching. I can’t wait to see even more improvements in the future, thank you so much! (awarded sub 24 hour buckle at Old Dominion 100- HER FIRST 100 MILE RACE!!) 
Rebekah Alenduff
Jacksonville, FL 
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