A Run Natural Coach clinic is designed to give runners additional knowledge and information regarding how running form affects the body.  Many nagging pains and injuries can be associated with improper form and technique and often with adjustments in form a runner will experience relief from these problems.  During a clinic you will get form analysis then guidance on how to correct improper technique.  You are also provided with specific exercises that help achieve the strength to maintain proper form as bad running form is frequently linked to weaknesses in specific muscle groups. 
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To run faster, stronger, more efficiently and with less injury.
Clinic will include some running, form, strength and flexibility assessments and exercises.

Without sounding too cliché, the proof is in the pudding, right! I followed your suggested warm up with a 5 minute walk and I went thru all the drills and ran 4 miles. The first mile for me is usually the most painful – today it was so much better! Thank you!  
I practiced what you taught in the class, keeping posture, arms pumping at my sides and pumping my knees more. I would have to say that pumping my knees was the hardest because I don’t really lift my knees much. I did feel like I was exerting more effort to run because I was constantly checking everything. To my surprise, I averaged 8:53 mile pace and ran my best time for 4 miles. That was 3 minutes faster than my 4 miles just 2 wks ago where my mile pace was 9.49. That is huge! I thought that I was running slower! I am a believer now and will keep working on my new running form. What you shared will stay with me forever! Thanks so much and Happy Running to you too!

Tammy Gregory

 I feel I now have all the tools to properly run. I never knew running had so many tips, tricks, techniques, forms, issues, etc but after meeting with Dawn, I can honestly say, I feel much more confident in running and now feel like I know how to run. I always felt something was off and now I have the tools to be a life long runner and how to correct issues and problems that may arise. I can now try to prevent injury and how to understand where I may have issues and the tools to learn to correct them. 

Karen Ellis
  • Certified Newton Level I and II Running Form Coach
  • Certified Lydiard II Running Coach
  • SIYI 1000hr Yoga Instructor

If I were still actively competing in road races I might keep this clinic a closely held secret.  After seeing the noticeable change in the participants running styles after only 2+ hours of excellent instruction, I certainly plan to recommend this clinic.  Sure, it could have been better, but only if Danny Abshire himself had been the instructor.-      

Joe Parsons

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the clinic. Your feedback on my form and suggestions for strength exercises were very enlightening. I had no idea I was doing squats wrong! I believe my "toe running" that you observed is the result of reading too much about running and overthinking my form while trying to avoid heel striking. I suspected that it was probably causing my calf stiffness and some recent minor foot soreness. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had your assessment and will concentrate on improving my strength and correcting my landing. I will let you know how it goes.

James Adams

I want to thank you again for a great clinic. We all got so much out of it! I made sure to tell our boosters it was so worth the money. If you have any other warmups or any other extra advice, we would gladly take it. Let me know when you are planning to be out in Lakeland so we can make some plans for you to come out to Zephyrhills High School. I'll also make sure to let you know how our season goes. You made me more confident that the Zephyrhills High School Boys Cross Country Team can make it to Regionals next season with your guidance! Our school hasn't made it in 10 years and that's been my goal when I started here 3 years ago. We barely had a team 3 years ago and now your techniques will push us to our goal! Thank you so much! 

James I. Kretschmar