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Corbett 50k-A Near Perfect Day at the Races!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

I cannot express how much it meant to me to win overall female at Corbett 50K yesterday. This race holds a special place in my ?? due to its cause, Team LeJuan buying musical instruments for kids; it’s RD being a good friend, and the old school running community that supports it. It was made more dear to me this year by a memorial bench being placed on the course in honor of my friend Ernie.

This year’s race was perfect in terms of weather but difficult in terms of coarse conditions with a lot of mud and water over the first 5 miles, some waist deep. The final 10 to turn around was perfect and fun running. Doing the mud and water back to the finish with 26 miles in your legs NOT fun. ?? More Pics to follow.

Thanks to Jeff Stephens for taking over as RD of this race and doing such a superb job. Christian’s absence was only felt because he has become synonymous with Corbett. Thank you to all the incredible volunteers. Thank you to my inspirations to run strong and from the heart: my friends, my athletes, and my boys. I’m so appreciative to my sponsors for their belief in me, support and superior products that keep me running happy and looking good.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to running L2O 100k at this point lol, but as brutal as Corbett is it is beautiful too, so I am looking forward to that aspect. I am extremely pleased with how my body performed yesterday in some tough conditions terrain wise. I will take that confidence into the Keys and then when it comes time to run on water again.

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