Online Training Programs
The Run Natural Coach philosophy is one that must incorporate weekly communication with the athlete.  Anyone can purchase an online plan for any given race distance that is all laid out in advance.  But, no athlete is going to progress at the same rate and therefore a generic plan is not really coaching.  Even if personal information regarding an athlete's current running routine and state of fitness is taken into consideration when starting a program, feedback from a runner must be analyzed weekly to optimize the rate of progress. A training plan must be dynamic and must adjust to the athletes progress to be effective.  We encourage you to try a true personalized Run Natural Coach training program so you can reach your true potential. 

One on One Monthly
Online Coaching Programs
  •  all your individualized running workouts tailored to your running goals emailed to you on a weekly basis.  
  • Weekly follow-up  
  • email access to coach for training related questions.  
  • A structured strength training program designed for you to maximize your progress while minimizing the risk of injury.  
  • Cost per 4 week Session: $200

Private Assessments & Training Sessions
  • One on One assessment of running form, strength, & mobility to identify and address weaknesses  
  • one on one training sessions are for 1.5 hrs.
  • Cost: $150

Schedule Only
Online Coaching Programs
    • Initial email consultation to review     athlete’s history and goals
    • Customized 16 to 20 week training plan
    • Minor adjustments to the training plan if     needed
    • Monthly email communication
    • Race strategy advice
  • Cost $400-$500.  

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  • Certified Newton Level I and II Running Coach
  • Certified Lydiard II Running Coach
  • SIYI 1000hr Yoga Instructor

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Nutrition Analysis for Performance and Health
  • 4 week program to teach you how to eat optimally for both improved performance and health.  Includes weekly analysis of food log, structured plan for healthy eating and weight loss.  
  • Cost per 4 week session: $400