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by Dawn Lisenby on 01/05/18

I am excited to share with all of you my being named a 2018 INKnBURN ambassador!  After having the opportunity to run in INKnBURN, due to their generously supplying their athlete Grant Maughan’s Badwater crew with several kits EACH this summer, I fell in LOVE with the feel and fit, not to mention, the look of their apparel.

I find it especially cool that
all their designs are limited edition.  They make everything start to finish in one warehouse in Southern California so they have a limited production capacity. 

Additionally, they apply their art by hand to each panel of their amazing feeling performance fabric before sewing.  (For one shirt that is 6 pieces of fabric!)  They then use a process of heat and pressure that allows their art to stain the fibers of the fabric so you can't feel it and it doesn't fade, crack or peel. However their performance fabrics still feel silky cool, wick away moisture and breathe as they were intended to do.

Once the art has been applied to the fabric pieces, sewing is next in the process. 
Almost every seam in their tech shirts is sewn twice to ensure strength and also to ensure the seams are flat to prevent chafing or rubbing. Which is of utmost importantance to an ultra runner!!  Matter of fact all their styles are tested on ultra runners at extreme distances. They actually rely on feedback from ultrarunners to test the limits of their performance clothing in extreme conditions and high mileage.

Lastly, they design for people that don't feel the need to blend in with the crowd.  In their own words:  " We want to make clothing you love so much that it inspires you to do your laundry more often so you can wear it more.  We want to be the company that puts a smile on your face when you put on our clothes and others smile when they see you wearing them.  We want to make the clothing you reach for when you want to defy expectations, set PRs, and accomplish your dreams." 

I think it is very easy to see why I LOVE INKnBURN, not just for their amazing apparel, but for the ethos of the company and the way they approach making their product.  If you want to "feel the INKnBURN difference" for yourself check out their one of a kind designs here www.inknburn.com. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter
so they can notify you as soon as a new design launches! When a design sells out, it is gone! You don't want to miss out!

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