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Bulow Woods 50k-My Grand Season Finale.

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/08/19

Bulow Woods 50k was SO MUCH FUN! It was the grand finale of three 50k’s I set my sights on to run this fall. Although in the past my preferred distances have been 50 miles+, I decided I would focus on 50ks in order to give my body the recovery it needed post my solo and to just enjoy racing without all the logistics involved with distances beyond this. I would be lying if I also did not admit to having the goal that I would better my time with each and finish the year feeling fast and strong.

I can not tell you how awesome it was to wake up and do a 50k in my backyard. To have Michael Dale Davis manning the AS was icing on the cake. I felt good the first loop of 15 miles trying not to get caught up in the competition and just running my plan which was 5 miles per hour. Those who ran Jacks this year may find it good karma and humorous that I ran a small segment of first loop backwards when I missed a sign. I know I did. ??

Being an out and back course it was so inspiring to see new and experienced runner alike taking on the 50k or half. I was smiling from ear to ear as many called my name out to say hello. I really find this course beautiful and fell into a groove of enjoying running to my music and staying in the moment.

I came into my second loop feeling great and cheered in by THE Sean Blanton, who kindly complimented me on my INKnBURN skirt and encouraged me to “go crush it”. ??

I decided to see what I had and push my pace a bit the second loop till the turn around. I was buoyed on by seeing my sweet boys and the Dr. Pepper they brought me.

I began passing runners as I came into the turn around and realized then I was within reach of my 50k PR. I began racing the clock but instead of feeling pain I only felt elation at not only being able to do so but for feeling so strong.

As I passed the last AS Howard York told me if I hurried I could catch Bradley Cooper at the finish line. At first I was like who? Do I know him? He replied “The actor. He is just ahead of you. “ I was like “Ohh thanks for the motivation to run faster. “ I was sorely disappointed at the finish to realize I had been played, but It did make me run faster. ??

Just as I was racing to catch Bradley and counting myself lucky the last mile for not falling I took a hard one. I picked myself up quickly and realized I did not have a moment to spare to break my PR. Which I then realized I was not exactly sure what it is was. ??

In the end I crossed the finish in 6:03:52, 6th female/ 19th overall, negative splitting the 50k. Regardless if I had achieved my PR or not I had just had a GREAT day at the races. And for those you always have to be thankful. I celebrated once done in the best way how....with a beer and a fireball shot with my best gal, the RDs, Michael and Polly.

When I got home I found that I had come within a minute of my PR set four years ago at Citrus 50k. Considering the wet, muddy conditions of today’s course I am thrilled. I am also super happy to have accomplished my racing goals this season.

Thanks to my sponsors for keeping me running strong and in style. My nutrition was on point, my feet golden and as usual I got rave reviews on my attire. Thanks too to my friends, and RD’s extraordinary, Stacy Ricks Stonerand Don Stoner for putting on an incredible race with the old school vibe I ??!

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