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100 Mile PR @ 2018 Keys 100!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/12/18

My second Keys 100 is in the books with a new PR of 26:53. I am super happy with this result as I was using this race as training for Solo146. Although it was not as HOT as usual it was a tough day nonetheless with overcast drizzle hiding the VERY high humidity and giving the dangerous allusion that this year would be “easier”. Additionally, monsoonal rain plagued runners from about 9:30 sat night until early hours of the morning. With huge puddles covering the sidewalk leading to many runners dealing with feet issues. I of course had that covered with TrailToes and although ran with wet shoes all day my feet came away pretty unscathed. 

The first 60 miles I spent running with one of my athletes and good friend Michael Davis who was running the race too. He was great company and encouragement and made the miles speed by figuratively and literally. It was my plan to get to the 7 mile bridge by sunset and was pleased that we reached it well under that and cruised into the 50 mile checkpoint in 10:37. It also was intentional to run the first half of the race at a strong but controlled pace to replicate some of the fatigue I will feel in later miles of solo. 

The slowdown was inevitable on the back half as the heavy rain moved in and feet and chafing had to be taken care of every 10 miles not to have issues. I also battled a bit of stomach distress due to high humidity creating a problem with the absorption of my fluids which we made too concentrated. I mostly walked from miles 70-90 to let it reset. I also was alone during this stretch for a good three hours in the dark of the early morning as my crew, and I kept missing each other. An apb was put out for me with the Keys Marshals who showed their love and support by making sure I was okay as I came into the 10 mile checkpoint. I once again chalked it all up to good training for what is ahead of me in Death Valley. 

In the end I was able to run the last 5 miles stronger than I have finished any of my previous three races here, including the 50k, which made me VERY pleased with where my training is at. 

A 100 mile journey is never accomplished alone. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers on the course. It was so great to hear my name called out when I came into AS and feel the love from so many familiar faces. It seriously motivated me to get further down the course to see all of you. Thanks also to my best gal for being there for me once again, and for Darlene stepping in to crew Michael, when he was unable to find one. And for Bob Becker and his amazing team for putting on another memorable race. Thanks to my sponsors for having my back, with hydration/nutrition , foot care/chafing, apparel and skincare. You all help me to achieve each and every finish line stronger. 

Every year after I run this race I swear off coming back, but as one of my favorite people Katy said to me at the finish line, “How can you not?” “There is just something special about this race”. I agree and can’t imagine being any where else the third week of May. 

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