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Vindicated at 2015 Tick Tock 12 Hour Relay!

by Dawn Lisenby on 11/14/15

My lake did not disappoint me today, inspiring me, along with all the other amazing runners and volunteers, to push when tired legs at 50k did not want to go and the heat with a high of 90 was taking its toll. I pr'd my 20, 50k and 50 mile splits and moved from 4th to 2nd in the last 4 laps. I am ecstatic to have achieved both my goals and ended w/ 19 laps, 1 behind first for 2nd women, 5th overall and 54 total miles. So great to see friends Barbara Gay Neel, David Yancey, Justin Radley and Noelani Taylor. And what can I say about my girl Carla Cellini who came to crew and ran 23 miles with me. She believes in me and is a great friend that I ?dearly! . ??. Thanks as always to my fantastic sponsors who kept me running strong for 12 hours! And thanks to Mary Marcia Brown and husband for putting on a race around my lake. It was splendid!!
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Keys 100: "It's Just Around the Bend!"

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/01/15

Keys 100 completed in 30:20. My first 100 mile race was everything I thought it would be and more. I got to run at the beginning with a runner I greatly admire, Chris Twiggs,  who helped me immensely with my preparation for the race. Then from 50k to 100k I got to run with a good friend and the runner who inspired me to do this race as my first 100, Bradford Lombardi. I had a rough spot from 70-80 where the heat index during the day of 103 finally took its toll nutritionally and physically and it was not looking like I would get my finish. I looked at my crew and thought of their sacrifice and an amazing finish line party awaiting and thought "no way I am not finishing this thing". I started moving and never stopped for the last 20 miles. The finish line did not disappoint! Bob Becker puts on an amazing race. When I came around the bend, there were so many in this race!, and saw everyone standing up and cheering for me it was just the most incredible feeling, one I will never forget. Many told me I would cry at the finish but I was so happy all I could do was smile. I am still smiling. I am pretty sure I will be for days. Thanks to my most amazing crew, Carla Cellini, Mark Dodds, and Chris Thompson, who not only took the best care of me, but took on another runner during the race without any hesitation and cared for him as well. Thanks to all the runners who motivated me to keep moving and who at the finish and afterparty congratulated me on my first hundo! Thanks to my sponsors whose products helped me to complete my race happy and healthy. Thanks to:  Dr. Adam Lemnouni of Flagler Chiropractic; Clay Wilson; Natalie Cuchetti; and Rosa and James McCall of Flagler Beach Natural Medicine, who all work to keep my body able to handle many miles, it takes a village!. And a special thanks to my family who supported my first 100 by allowing me to road trip to the Keys and have a few days to enjoy the experience. Yesterday after my turning point I saw the allure of 100's. And even though I may have sworn them off a time or two I am looking forward to my next one. I may give it a few months though ??. #Keys100 #PearlIzumiRun #TrailToes #SkratchLabs #happyrunning

Citrus 4 Mile Trail Race-One of My Favs!

by Dawn Lisenby on 03/24/15

Well you all know its hard for me to resist a race. Decided while I wait to run Carla Cellini in from the last aide station for her 50k I might as well jump into the Citrus 4 Mile Trail Race. Was pleasantly surprised a week after running Palm 100k that the legs wanted to go, although the last mile they turned to bricks. Pleased to come in first overall female and 4th overall in a respectable time for trail of 34:30. Now to bring my girl home!!!
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Fun in the Sun at Palm 100k

by Dawn Lisenby on 03/24/15

Palm 100k finished in 14:02. Fifth female. It was a rough day from the get go as just had nothing in my legs..maybe from fighting off bug this week or not being used to the hot temps.  I really did not think I would finish but with the pacing/crewing of Chris Thompson I was able to. Thanks to the RD Scott Richards for taking care of me at the finish and getting me a meal to eat. And for Mike Melton making me laugh. Congrats to the other ladies who were pushing a hard pace in that heat. I learned a lot of good lesson I will take into the Keys 100 with me, such as caring for my feet every 6 hours and taking in even more Skratch Hyper as I still think I could have used more salt. Happy to have my 100k finish and it was the fight I predicted it to be! ? Thanks to my fantastic sponsors #?pearlizumirun? ?#?trailtoes? ?#?Skratchlabs?.  My new Pearl Izumi Champions tank was perfect.  I never felt hot or got chafed.  My Pearl Izumi Emotion M2's kept my feet and legs happy all day.  As did my use of my Trail Toes Anti-friction cream and tape.  Super excited as well about my new nutrition sponsor Sratch Labs.  I used their Hyper and Exercise Drink all day and really felt a good level of energy.  Others even commented on how good I looked throughout the race.  As the Keys 100 will be hotter I will be looking to add more Hyper as mentioned above.  I also will be experimenting with adding in real food from their great book "Feed Zone Portables".  As the only thing that bothered me towards the end of the race were the Huma gels, I took one per hour.  My stomach was just becoming unhappy with the sugar by 50 miles in.  I do not want that problem on my 100!  All in all a great preparatory race for the Keys.  Things happen for a reason and I am glad that I ended up doing this race as I really enjoyed the views and all those I met along the way!!  And now I go into the Keys 100 feeling loads more confident and very excited for more fun in the sun!!!!

26.2 Miles of Bliss at the 2015 Breast Cancer Marathon

by Dawn Lisenby on 02/19/15

Mission Accomplished!! 26.2 miles of laughter, smiles and love for my sister with Carla Cellini, at the 26.2 with Donna The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer We finished feeling great and yes holding hands smile emoticon in 4:31. Then got to feel like rockstars in the Ruth Chris VIP tent. We got to eat a delicious lunch, have a beer or maybe two, as well as, hang out with the other AMAZING Donna Ambassadors and founder of the marathon Donna Deegan. So proud to have raised $1200.00 dollars for breast cancer research and on a whole the ambassadors have raised $15,000 dollars!  Also there was one of my fav RD's Caleb Wilson, who did a terrific job of covering the Donna 110 Ultra! Excited to finish this race strong and feeling good, with many miles of training this week in my legs. Definite confidence builder for Palm 100k in 4 weeks! ?#?cudnotfindthefireball? #26.2w/Donnna ?#?DonnaAmbasador? ?#?findthefinish? ?#?PearlIzumiRun? ?#?Run365? ?#?trailtoes? ?#?luvSkratchlabs? ?#?formysister? #mayhavetoraceitnextyear

Croom Zoom 100k: DNF….Did Nothing Fatal

by Dawn Lisenby on 01/08/15

Thanks to all of you who offered your consolation to me on not being able to finish my first 100k this past Saturday.  I have heard the old adage said many times that you learn more from your failures than your success and now know this to be very true.  I wanted to share what I learned from my experience this past weekend for the sharing of our successes AND our failures as a community, I feel, will not just help us to be better performers on the day but may just keep us from doing harm.  My lesson is one definitely of the latter.   This is a long one but promise it is of value so please try to see it through.  It is also posted as a blog at my website, if you do not like reading it in this format ,at 

I now realize after reviewing my symptoms, doing my own research and talking with several experienced ultrarunners that, and contrary to what I believed on the day, I had hyponatremia on Saturday and not dehydration.  Easy read on specifics of condition here,,  if interested.  I had all the symptoms of both and that was the first lesson…the symptoms are very similar.  A few that pointed to hyponatremia though, once I began thinking on what happened, were an early sloshing stomach and swollen fingers.  As far as the stomach, I had had that in the past and if stopped consuming fluids for a while it would go away, which is what I did on Saturday and why I THOUGHT I may have got dehydrated.  By the time I had 2nd symptom of swollen fingers though, I was becoming a bit disoriented and was not really sure whether my fingers were really swollen or I just thought they were.  The indention of my otherwise regularly loose ring still being on my pointer finger 3 days later is an indication that they were truly swollen, but again I was in no state of mind to evaluate this at the time.  Another sign was throwing up tons of fluids…if your body is dehydrated you would not have all these fluids in you…and I continued to do this until 11 pm that night even after not consuming ANY fluid from last loop completed at 5:30 pm.  Had I been dehydrated I would have had extreme thirst and wanted to drink.   Your body is smart and when all were telling me to drink it was the one thing I did not want to do.  Funny enough even till late in the night when contemplating going to the hospital for IV fluids because was so sick is what I thought I still needed to do, again due to not being in right state of mind at all, as this condition leads to confusion and disorientation due to low sodium levels. 

So why did I become like this..ah the next lesson.  Well I was taking in electrolytes as my form of nutrition I use UCAN has sodium and potassium in it.  And actually quite a high amount of both compared to most.  I also was supplementing with Nuun hydration, which also includes electrolytes.  I know most will say you should have taken Scaps or Salt tabs also but I had never done this before and is also a matter of debate (see “Waterlogged” by Tim Noakes for more on this).   I have ran hot weather races and not had this problem before, like Tick Tock.   Where it was 115 degrees heat index and I did not feel great but I finished and was mostly happy with results.  I certainly did not feel like this and really had not had enough to drink that day as had not carried a handheld.  I have come to learn that the problem I had on Saturday was due to the high carb concentration of my form of nutrition combined with the high heat and humidity leading to it not being absorbed into my body and so essentially instead of putting in 20 oz of nutrition/fluid per hour was only getting in the water and ended up over hydrated and with hyponatremia. 

Now there were those who told me when I was contemplating whether to continue on my last lap that I needed to take in salt but at that point nothing food or fluid wise would stay down.  And I did finally take an Scap to see if it would help me to stop feeling so horrible and it promptly came up a half hour later.  So herein you can see the danger to my continuing to race…no electrolytes…no fuel…thought I was dehydrated and should drink more…could not keep anything in….and most of all could not think straight and felt like I was going to pass out due to low blood pressure.  And here is the final and most important lesson of all.

When all were encouraging me to continue out of good intention (because that is what we do for each other is encourage each other through the pain and suffering because quite honestly for whatever reason what we have decided to do and love is filled with a lot of it J )  I would look out to the trail and think “should I do this?”  And a voice deep inside me kept saying “do not do this”  And believe me I wanted to as I had a feeling that I was going to be first masters even if I could manage to walk the last 10 miles which most likely would have taken me a long 3 hours.  Once the results came out the next day to my horror this was confirmed J  The lesson here then is always listen to that voice.  It is wise and will keep you safe.  And I can tell you I almost did not listen to mine.  But thank god I had a good friend there who had been to races with me in past, Carla Cellini, who looked at me when I told her “I am not sure I should go on…I just do not feel right” (which by the way is also one of the main symptoms of hyponatremia that differentiates it from dehydration and is often what sufferers of condition will say) and said “Dawn, this is not like you.  You do not quit things.  And I have never seen you get sick like this before.  If you do not feel right and are having a feeling not to continue then that is what you should listen to.  And what you would tell any of your athletes.”  And then it just clicked and none of it mattered anymore because I knew it was the right thing to do.  But I will tell you I still had to call my husband and have him say “what are you thinking….of course you should not go on”J  We are all tough or we would not even think of doing the distances we do so when you are faced with this kind of decision don’t question your toughness…listen to the voice. 

As a post script I am finally feeling a bit more normal 3 days after but still not totally right.  I was still quite sick Monday.  I am still planning to run the Keys 100.  But after conferring with two well respected, experienced, multiple hundred mile finishers, will now approach my nutrition with the mindset that the same nutrition does not work in every scenario ie cold vs hot races or for every distance and that I should have backups.  I also will be careful as to time of month I race (came next day), as sorry guys, but ladies this does matter and does affect hydration/fluid levels too.  Women are more likely to get hyponatremia as are those who are premenopausal and those with adrenal or thyroid issues.   Lots of info on this out there if you want to read more.  I also as an RD will have a scale at my race as is a simple way to tell if runners are either dehydrated or have hyponatremia.  And for the record to add to confusion you can be both at the same time.  And finally I am planning to get back on the 100k horse very soon…sooner than you may think J  as long as my recovery continues well.   Muscular wise I probably could have ran the next day, after completing 52 miles on a somewhat difficult trail course, so was pleased with where I am there.   I have some exciting posts to come in next few days for 2015 but this is so long already I am just hoping you made it to the end and possibly gained something out of it.  I know I did and will continue to.  As one well known ultra runner aptly reflected “personally I always get more out of the journey than the finish line” J  Happy Running…because in the end that IS what it is all about. 

12 Hours of Fun at the Azalea 12 Hour Race

by Dawn Lisenby on 12/31/14

Just giddy about winning Overall Female at the inaugural Azalea 12 hour. The course was a 2 mile paved loop around a ravine with beautiful oak trees, rather hilly and very steep in one section. Quads were definitely screaming towards the end of my 27+ loops but even so I loved every moment of my 12 hours running this course. Happy too to find that I can enjoy running asphalt as was not sure that would be the case. Proud to finish 4th overall with 54.12 mi behind the top 3 males who finished with 56.79, 56.64 and 55.75 miles respectively. My enjoyment of the day and performance was no doubt enhanced by my amazing friends and pacers Karola Schorner and Tara Kilcullen who kept me entertained for my last half. Thank you both so much. And as always so cool to talk to the runners in the ultra community. Thanks for the convo and stories George Maxwelll, Kevin Flaherty, and Chris Roman. Also for the cheering from fellow FUR's who came to help and give encouragement Lauren Hadley, Susan Anger, Bambi Annabelle, Sung Ho Choi, Brandi Acree and Mike Melton, it really meant a lot. I cant forget to thank the man of the hour Winston Fletcher, who did not leave one detail wanting. You have a great future as an RD with this fantastic race! So happy and proud of you my friend. And excited to be your first female winner Lastly, thanks to my sponsors Pearl Izumi Run. I wore Road Em M2 all day with 0 issues, through wet conditions at times. Also wore my fly shirt and short with 0 chafing. That was also aided by my favorite Trail Toes Anti-Friction Foot and Body Products. In addition to their cream I used their trail tape for the first time and found it did the trick to keep any and all blisters at bay. And if there was a reason I stayed strong and steady the whole day it is my use of Generation UCAN for my nutrition needs. It really is just that good! It was a great day at the races! Looking forward to Andy Mathews Croom Zoom in a few weeks! Don't forget my bottle of wine Dave Krupski! Happy Running :)

Rocked at the Tick Tock 12 Hour Ultra

by Dawn Lisenby on 08/22/14

The Tick Tock 12 Hour Race was very hard.  The heat and pavement beat me up a bit. I had to walk a few laps around 30 miles because I was cramping so bad with early hard pace in heat. This was primarily due to my not holding my handheld for my first 10 laps and  instead relying  on my support crew vehicle for coconut water and gels every three miles and water at aide station provided by race at halfway around loop.  What I learned at this race is when you begin a race with 88% percent humidity and heat index in the mid 80s that then climbs and stays in mid 90's w/ 100% humidity till you finish..THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!!  Lesson learned I should have been holding my small handheld with electrolytes in it so I could sip on it each mile.    Due to six hours of  running in these conditions I got behind with electrolytes. I crashed hard with my legs cramping when I tried to run 30 miles in.  I thought my race was over.  I also had realized I had not gone to the bathroom in 4 hours which was a definite sign of issues with dehydration.  I decided to walk a lap and did so with my pacer carrying my fluids so I could sip off them to try and catch up.   After walking 2 laps and deciding I was feeling better but still not right I decided to try a few pickles offered to my by a fellow runner.  They saved my race as I began to feel better and was able to run from 36 on.

I did feel very sore from running on pavement and tired from heat stress after the race.   I suffered from a migraine headache and nausea for 2 days because of heat stress.  I was happy that mechanically I felt solid the whole day as was farthest I have run on pavement since my hip injury. I really felt strong and had no aches and pains through 53 miles.  Although I wish I would have been a bit smarter about my hydration and not been too lazy to carry a handheld, I am so glad I did this race and happy I finished as I seriously did not think I would.  Really one should not be running in heat like that period, let alone 12 hours.  But that is the challenge right :)

ended up with officially 18 laps, 51.12 miles and 9th overall female. Results are located here  Although my watch had 53 miles so must of logged a few more miles with bathroom stops. I believe I was 7th overall female (and in top 20 overall) but results are alphabetical according to laps finished not actual placement but whether 7th or 9th I met 3 of my goals for the race. I wanted to finish in top 10 females, wanted to complete farthest mileage to date, and just wanted to run for 12 hours ie finish.

I could not have done it without my best girl/crew/pacer Carla Cellini's help:). And my ice bandana!!! And of course my Pearl Izumi gear was awesome. I ran in N2's all day and feet felt great, even when they got wet when it stormed in the afternoon. I also used Trail Toes anti-chafing product that also kept my feet happy. I highly recommend this product to all of you for chafing any where on the body.  It is amazing!!  And much more effective than Glide. 

I really appreciated all of your the interest in my race and well guys kept me motivated.  Now to decide if I want to do a 12 hour in colder weather.....:)

Fort Clinch 50 Miler Race Report

by Dawn Lisenby on 05/02/14

I went into the Fort Clinch 50 miler feeling like my training had gone very well and feeling both mentally and physically strong.  I also went in with a healthy dose of respect for the distance, as I had never run 50 miles before.  I was determined to focus only on finishing the race and not on going for a time, placement or the win.  Which is why the outcome was so awesome .  I can honestly say that I attribute my results almost 90 percent to my mental preparation for this race.   I worked very diligently in the final weeks prior to the race on my mental game.  My mental strategy was to focus on the process not the outcome.  To take each loop on its own and ONLY when I got to the final loop would I allow myself to compete with myself and other runners.

The race course consists of 5- 10 mile loops with each loop made up of: mostly rolling, and really quite hilly, beautiful, single track trail; a bit of beach by the Fort itself (see my cover pic:photo credit Adam Wetzel:); pavement as you approach the  pier and then concrete on mile long fishing pier itself.  I really loved the course and so enjoyed the trail.  I even liked the fishing pier, as it gave you a chance to encourage other runners ,which you did not see very much of when on the trail. 

I arrived to the race the night before and camped in a tent with one of my best friends, Jessica Long, who unselfishly came to be my crew all day Saturday, and she is not even a runner but a yogi:)  I would not have accomplished what I did without her support. We rolled into town that first night for a delicious meal where I ate chicken on salad with sweet potato fries,  my favorite pre-race go to!  I did learn that a better sleeping pad is required, as the ground felt hard that night and so I only slept about two hours.  I love sleeping outside so that helped to relax me for the race.  When morning came I was ready to go. 

At the start I felt relaxed too even though we were a little rushed to set up a place for Jess due to her making me a cup of coffee on the camp stove, she has the mad camping skills.   I have never raced without caffeine and do not ever want to:)) A quick fist pump to one of my favorite runners, Winston Fletcher, and we were off on a great adventure.  I was super excited to be on it!

My first loop I wore my Nathan hydration belt.  I used water and took 4 V-Fuel gels with me planning to take 1 every 30 minutes.  This plan worked extremely well as I never had ANY trouble whatsoever with energy and many a runner post race has commented on how strong I looked.  I really like the V-fuel gels because they have fat in them.  I also never took a salt pill even though it was hot and never felt like I needed too.  Towards the middle of the loop my right hip flexor began to ache which sent me into a slight panic as I thought "oh no my race is done my hip is acting up and is still tired from 50k several weeks ago, what was I thinking".  Before I could spiral down that dark road in my mind, I put to use my mental strategies I had worked on and brought myself back to positive.  Okay I have a problem now how do I solve it.  Maybe this belt around my waist that I am keeping so tight is causing my psoas to spasm and creating my hip flexor pain.   I decided I would take the belt off after loop one and see how things went.  I picked up a small 6 oz handheld which I filled at aide stations each 3 miles and worked perfectly.   I felt freer without the waist belt, as well as, lighter. 

During my second loop my hip was still bothering me a bit and I again started to go to a negative mind space thinking I will just drop after this loop as my body just can't go this distance due to my old hip injury.  Again I used my mental strategies and said "No I will not quite even if I have to walk as long as I am not doing damage or in severe pain" and I told myself "I am strong in mind and body".  Once I resolved to myself that I was going to finish I never went to a negative place again in my mind.  I never would have expected my second loop  to be my hardest both physically and mentally.  I did stop a few times during this run to stretch my hip and I think that helped loosen it up, as it was never an issue again after this loop.

My third and fourth loops were all about enjoying the course, the other race participants and the volunteers at the aide stations.  This race really had the best of both these worlds.  I was so inspired by the 100 mile runners who were using their energy to cheer me on.  I was saved on my third loop by Susan Anger, volunteer extraordinaire, who taped up my feet for me.   The sand in my shoes from the trail and beach, as well as, not very good socks (something I am going to work on, I wish Pearl Izumi made socks:)  had caused blisters on sides of both my big toes that made running painful.  Aide Station 2 also gave me an ice bandana which really helped cool me down as it was getting into the mid 80's by middle of the day and was very humid. I also made sure through out the race to pour water over my head at each stop which kept me cool.  I was told there were quite a few drops from the race due to heat but this was never an issue for me.

My final loop was shortened as the previous 4 were 10.4 in distance.  I was so excited, but actually a little sad that my fantastic day of running was about to come to an end.  I also just loved running the trail so much that at one point I was saying to myself "I love running"  to which myself replied "well duh you are running 50 miles":)  It was only on this loop that I let myself think about my competitors and began to realize that no one had passed me in quite awhile and also that I was beginning to lap some runners completing the 50.  I thought "hmm maybe I am close to the top:))"  I then began to push as I was sure as heck not going to get caught on my last loop and thought maybe I could finish top three! 

When I got to aide station 2 and was about 3 miles from the finish I told them "#23 is going to the finish" and they all cheered for me.  I really felt even though I had run 47 miles like I was floating those last 3 miles.  I saw Caleb, the most fantastic RD, right before my last running of the pier and I yelled to him "Caleb I am finishing this thing"  He just laughed.  I  loved my last running of the pier as there was such an amazing feeling as I passed runners, and people just on the pier itself who knew we were about to finish 50 miles.  One fellow 50 miler and I high fived as I was heading back.  Another highlight was the old gentleman who had been on the pier all day at the very end fishing, and who had stayed on to watch the runners.  Each lap he would say something encouraging to me like "your almost there girl".  As I approached the pier for the last time I told him "You are not going to see me again"  to which he replied "GOOD"  I laughed all the way to the finish:)))

It was a great day. A great race. My official finish time was 10:57:15!!! I was awarded first female!! I was beyond excited:). I got an awesome finisher belt that I am proudly wearing in picture on my home page and won cool Princeton Tec headlamp, that I am holding, for overall win.  Even with the challenges on the first 2 laps I just loved every minute of the this race.   Post race I was treated to an incredible foot wash by Carey Lyn and massage by Bruce Choi that helped my recovery tremendously!!  They made me feel like a rockstar.  Thank you both so much!

Thanks to Caleb Wilson for putting on such a great event and for all the extra touches that another runner understands. Also thanks to Susan Anger and Wayne Wright for AS2.  I just loved your enthusiasm and support. I was so inspired by all the runners I met this weekend but especially my friend and 100 mile finisher Bambi Pennycuff, who showed joy all the way to the end of her race.
Anytime I thought I had far to go I just thought of the 100 milers who were cheering me on.  Thanks also to my friend and another amazing runner Bradford Lombardi who probably unbeknownst to him inspired me to reach higher.   I really had a lot of laughs with Justin Radley and Jill Patrick Bunnell and am looking forward to more in the future.  And enjoyed meeting the infamous Grant Maughan. Congratulations to all who put their toe to the line that day! I LOVE ultra runners!

I would not have done as well, or had as much fun camping without my fabulous support group of one Jessica Long-can't thank you enough! A big thanks to my sponsor Pearl Izumi/Running for their awesome gear. I was comfortable with no chafing in their fly inrcool shirt and fly shorts.  My Emotion M2's were amazing both on technical trail and road. Finally thanks to Clay Wilson, Natalie of Green Acres, Flagler Chiropractic, Fuller Chiropractic, and Flagler Beach Natural Medicine for getting this body ready to run 50 miles-it takes a village:))! Lastly, thanks to my family who always are a source of inspiration.  We did it! Now time for rest and wine:)  Until I run again.  Peace Out!

Great Day and Results at the Citrus 50k!!!

by Dawn Lisenby on 03/25/14

"I had the most amazing day at the Citrus 50k on March 16th with my friends and athletes Carla Cellini and Nena van Dalen. After an early morning ride over at 3:30 am with Carla, and 2.5 hrs of sleep, I was off on my 50k at 7:15 am. Lost my new sunglasses in first mile. First ten miles of trail were beautiful and conditions were nice and shaded and still felt cool although was 60 at start. As started to feel really good at mile 15 the weather began to get hotter and trail was completely exposed. With smart racing tactics in beginning was able to pass many struggling runners during last 10 miles and finish Overall Female in a 50k PR in 85 degree temperature!!!
My athletes did great as well, Carla finished 1st in AG at 10 mile race and Nena finished her first trail race ever and proclaimed "that is much harder then running on pavement and much better:) Someone found my missing sunglasses and then had great lunch with girls where Nena gifted me a most beautiful bracelet for as she put it "being awesome and changing her life". Day came to a close with an incredible dinner with friends and my favorite beer Guinness. Really a top 10 day. Thanks to my sponsors Team Pearl Izumi - Florida and Infinit Nutrition. Also thanks to Kip Koelsch for putting on a great race! And my incredible practitioners Clay Wilson, Flagler Beach Center of Natural Medicine, Natalie at Green Acres and Fuller Chiropractic. Seize it Live it!!!"

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