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Vindicated at 2015 Tick Tock 12 Hour Relay!

by Dawn Lisenby on 11/14/15

My lake did not disappoint me today, inspiring me, along with all the other amazing runners and volunteers, to push when tired legs at 50k did not want to go and the heat with a high of 90 was taking its toll. I pr'd my 20, 50k and 50 mile splits and moved from 4th to 2nd in the last 4 laps. I am ecstatic to have achieved both my goals and ended w/ 19 laps, 1 behind first for 2nd women, 5th overall and 54 total miles. So great to see friends Barbara Gay Neel, David Yancey, Justin Radley and Noelani Taylor. And what can I say about my girl Carla Cellini who came to crew and ran 23 miles with me. She believes in me and is a great friend that I ?dearly! . ??. Thanks as always to my fantastic sponsors who kept me running strong for 12 hours! And thanks to Mary Marcia Brown and husband for putting on a race around my lake. It was splendid!!
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