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Enjoying my day at the beautiful Caloosahatchee 50k!

by Dawn Lisenby on 01/12/16

The Caloosahatchee 50K was every bit as challenging and beautiful as I had heard and then some! The course is made up of my favorite thing to run.....hilly, single track. However, two days of rain made for many muddy sections that we were unable to run without slipping and falling, as well as, for greater fatigue in the legs throughout the race. My female competitors also didn't make it easy on me. I spent most of the first loop in fourth place. I moved into third place during the second loop. I went into the third loop even with the second-place girl, who was also a masters, so the race was on, so to speak. I am ecstatic that I was able to hold onto second place and to be able to take home the beautifully, handcrafted, overall masters award! Congrats to Danielle M. Zemola, who on her ultra anniversary came and took the top prize! Thank you Justin Radley for your classic, old school race! I had way too much fun running it and hanging out with many friends today. Can't help being pleased with how I felt during this race four weeks post Oceans 50. It bodes well for future endeavors. ??

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