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The Keys 50: It Does Get Better!

by Dawn Lisenby on 05/29/16

They say it usually always gets better....I told myself that a lot today. From the very beginning of the race I knew it was going to be a battle with the heat as it was difficult to keep my heart rate down and body felt a bit off. The heat index reached into the 100's by midday. I felt the heat right away with a 10 am start. The RD said it was the hottest year ever. I adjusted my expectations/pace early on when I knew to not would risk a blowup.  I practiced staying in the mile, keeping a steady pace, and just staying cool thanks to Carla's critical and most amazing crewing skills. I finally started to feel better at mile 40, just when I was about to give up hope that the whole race would be a struggle. No coincidence I am sure that is when Carla joined me to run me in. In the last 10 miles we passed multiple runners and I had my eyes on the prize. If I could not get my time goal, I wanted to finish top ten women so I was extremely happy to end up EIGHTH OVERALL in the race.

Truly thrilled with how my race ended up and results of being: in the top 8, of which only 1 was male; only 35 min off top masters female; 2nd in AG; with a time of 11 hours, on what is now officially the hottest Keys race ever.  Full results can be seen at

I did not hit my time goal of going under 10 hrs but that just gives me something to shoot for when I go back in 2017. Thinking though maybe I will run the is such a gorgeous course. ?? ?

Thanks again to my best gal. Who I told 20 miles out "I could not do this without you, nor would I want to". And thanks to my sponsors who keep me running ?? and strong. ?#?keys50? ???? ?#?trailtoes? #?endurenenjoy? ?#?pearlizumirun? ?#?skratchlabs? ?#?BOCOgear? ?#?smilethruthesuffering?

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