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Directionally challenged at the Corbett 50k.

by Dawn Lisenby on 05/29/16

Corbett 50k did not disappoint either in quality of trail or people who were there. What did were my navigation skills not even just on trail but to the race. I ended up in my nightmare scenario where you show up with 5 min till race start. After driving for an hour and half to find the race a trip to porta potty was a necessity and then we were off. Thanks to Jennifer Magill for bringing my number to me and helping me to get on my way w pins n ipod.

Then just when I thought I could relax and focus on racing after a discombobulated start I realized in my rush I had left my handheld w Skratch electrolyte in my car. At that point it was lose 2 miles or continue on with out it ...I chose the latter. My strategy was to get thru 15 mi loop as fast as possible to get back to my hydration and while was overcast. I had my fruit chews n just did those with water and an S cap at midway. I was feeling great after 7 miles and cruising the trails as first female. Thankfully I had preloaded with Skratch Hyper on way to race and am sure it helped me run strong finishing first 15 in 2:35. Despite getting lost twice!

After first loop I ran to car and got handheld. I was beginning to feel depleted and with sun coming out in full force pretty hot and was sweating a lot. I tried to down as much as I could but with almost 4 miles between aid stations on first loop and just water it did not cut it. The wheels came off around 20, when I lost lead and was passed by the amazing Stephanie idol!

The last 10 miles was extremely painful in a way I have never experienced as mechanically I was sound but was just spent energy wise. I now know what a depletion run feels like and I can say I don't ever want to feel that again. It is THE only race I have ever really wanted to quit. That I did not I am proud of as it took all my will not to. Even with all my comedy of errors I still came away with a respectable time of 6:16 on a tough course footing wise and on our first hot day. I also managed to hold on to finish 2nd female and 4th overall.

I gained a lot of confidence in my fitness for Keys 50 as if I can pull off this finish when I had nothing in the tank and on legs full of training miles then I feel good for my chances to do a solid time there.

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers Trevor and Jamie Woyton, CB Pops Thompson, Tamiya Thompson, Julie Thompson, Eric Hulboj and Jennifer Carvallo for taking care of me during the race n at finish. Guy Rock for his most delicious food and smile!

And what a rockstar finish line it was with so many fun people to laugh and share stories with from the day. So good to chat with the inspiring ladies: Malika, Carla , Lara, Sandra, Samantha, Sally, and Renee. Glad to witness awesome finishes by Bob Becker, Jeff Stephens, and
Ron Hines. And sharing a most delicious beer...and lol with Tim, Heather, Darlene A and Mark Cudak....was priceless. This is what it is all about matter the results it is the people that bring us back for more for sure. As I swore off ultras at least 5 x during the race ??.

Finally thanks to the most incomparable RD, Christiañ Stewart for putting on a race that has that old school vibe ... that as Heather C said to me "is what got me into this whole thing in the first place". It starts with you, my friend! Congrats on putting on a terrific race. I definitely plan to see you on the real course next year. ?????? ?#?corbett50k? ?#?trailtoes?
?#?endurenenjoy? ?#?skratchlabs? ?#?BOCOGear?

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