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2017 is here! How will you make your mark on it?

by Dawn Lisenby on 01/12/17

Personally I grow tired of hearing people say "new year, new you" as the truth of the matter is even though it is 2017 you are still you. :)  I would rather my clients look at the new year as an opportunity before them.  With goals set; a plan to achieve them, constructed by an experienced coach; a lot of discipline and perseverance to follow through; and a bit of GRIT, they will succeed...99.9 percent guaranteed!  (Dr. Suess is a favorite of mine).  And so that is why I always start the year off by asking all my clients to construct three goals for the new year.  If you do not set them, you can not realize them. 
With that said I would like to share my personal goals as an athlete for 2017.  First, and foremost to honor being a member of the Dsquad and get a finishers medal at the 10th Anniversary of the Breast Cancer Marathon.  This just may involve running 84 miles before hand, but that is another story completely.  Second, I would like to compete in the Keys 50 and improve upon my performance of last year, and maybe come away with a most coveted Keys trophy at the 10th anniversary event.  Third, I would like to finally qualify for Hardrock which I will attempt in the fall at Grindstone 100. 
Of course to achieve these big goals there are a lot of little goals that must be followed through with along the way.  Such as: good nutrition, both in life and racing; consistent strength work to maintain an injury free body; and staying balanced towards training and other commitments in my life. I impress this on my clients as well.
I am thankful to my sponsors, athletes, supporters and family for their continual support of me both as a race director, coach and athlete.  Here is to making OUR mark on 2017.  I look forward to helping you do so either as; your coach, your supporter at a finish line of one of my races, or a friend/fan of  yours!  Happy Trails!!

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