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Back to a Start Line @ Torreya 25k!

by Dawn Lisenby on 04/16/17

After seven long months of not feeling the thrill of a race day I was ecstatic to do so April 8th at Torreya 25k.  The day began with the greeting of friends and my favorite running conditions of a cold, clear day.  It ended with my to do list being complete!  Spend the day on a beautiful trail...check. Experience Joe Edgecombe's amazing Torreya 50k/25k's ...check. Put my ZERO hill trained body/ injury to the test on a course with 2300 ft of elevation....check. Share some laughs/convo with my fav group of people....thank you Heather, Andrea, Danielle and David .....check. Finish 10th female OA, 12 minutes off first Masters with legs trashed from bombing some sick descents and a smile on my face...check. And my final item...celebrate a finish by drinking my trophy....Beer Camp Golden IPA....check.  This race is one not to be missed. Incredible in every way. Almost don't want to let the secret out. I will be back for the 50k next year...trained and ready! 

Now onto my next start.... Corbett 18 miler on April 22nd.  Decided to join the fun surely to be had there and ...get my L2O training on! Looking forward to seeing many of my favorite people and the beautiful tropical terrain course affords.  So grateful to be out there and able to do what I LOVE!! 

It has been a long road back from an injury from a fall sustained while trail running in October 2015 then made worse by racing through it during Spring of 2016 and misdiagnosis.....multiple times!  I am glad to finally be in the care of a knowledgeable and caring professional who took the time to really figure out what was going on with me and get me back to running PAIN FREE.  I also began to lean more on all the experience I have had rehabbing runners back from injury and poor care.  And to LISTEN to my body.  Something I train all my athletes to do but have not done enough of myself.

Excited to be back to a start and looking forward to others later this spring at Keys and L2O.  It will be a gradual progression back to allow my body to continue healing and adapt to the increased demands that racing requires on it.  See you at the races!  Happy Running!!!

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