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Miami 100 Race Report

by Dawn Lisenby on 10/07/23

The Miami 100 is a challenging race for multiple reasons. First and foremost, unlike most 100’s you have no clue what the course will be till race day nor directional signs/flagging to follow. At each of the 7 checkpoints you are given a direction card, and your crew is given driving directions to the next checkpoint.
Secondly, in line with the above and where you are mostly running through, ie city, you have to navigate through pedestrian and city traffic. Frequently getting stopped at lights, drawbridges and by crowds of people.
Third, there are no aid stations. You are completely reliant on your crew, who better know how to navigate and drive in city traffic. I was very well covered in this area with one of mine, Philip, being a veteran of the race and a resident of Miami for the past 19 years. He was accompanied by Celia who is versed in crewing me so it was a win-win.
Finally, there is the heat and humidity of Miami in September. Gratefully we did not have to contend with full sun as the conditions this past Saturday were overcast the entire day. However if you think that 99% humidity is not an issue for your body, think again. It is a big issue.
For myself it slowed me considerably due to it causing issues for my body to absorb fluids. When the body is trying to cool itself, move forward and breathe, it does not like to absorb and digest. The former caused me to have more frequent than normal urination, at least once an hour, which when you have to find somewhere to go because your running in the city, slows you down. Despite that I was feeling great and moving very well through the first 70 miles.
Aided by my dedicated crew the theme of my race became relentlessly forward process, with my literally taking only one longish stop to reapply Trail Toes, after mile 43, when we had to go through some deep puddles prior to checkpoint 3.
Through the first three checkpoints I steadily moved up the field holding 10th overall, and after mile 50, 3rd overall female.
The last 50k the miles from Iron Mountain 40, 3 weeks prior, caught up to me in my quads and feet due to the technical terrain/elevation and air was forced to do more walking than running.
After leaving the final checkpoint, mile 90, the skies opened up on us after threatening to do so all day, which kept the humidity so high. I decided not to relube my feet, as I wanted to maintain my position.
It would be a long final 10 miles due to my feet being very angry with me. In hindsight this would be my one error as I think I could have finished faster had I taken the time to do so.
However, this being my third very difficult race in three months time i was thrilled to finish it in an official time of 28:18, 10th overall and 3rd place female, with 103 miles.
Miami 100 is my 10th hundred mile race, (12 th time finishing the distance if you count my Badwater 146 solo and Big Blue 132 solo)
I told the RD, Luis Coco, that it will be my retirement from pavement most likely. Not a bad one to go out on. Although there are a few that still intrigue me. LOL
Thanks again to him and his cast of volunteers who put on a great race. Miami is a beautiful city filled with the friendliest people, albeit a few too friendly, but that’s all part of the fun.
If you want a challenging and absolutely fabulous 100 mile adventure, this race is for you. Early bird special is going on right now till 10/6. I have posted my 10 favorite pics from this year’s race.
Thanks to my sponsors Trail Toes and Skratch Labs for your superior products and support.
Congrats to all who finished this years race and once again to my athletes who ran so strongly here! I am one proud coach.
It’s finally time for a rest before I continue the DNF redemption tour on the trail next year! Thanks so much to all of you who have supported and cheered me through the first three!

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