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A Badwater Finisher At Last!

by Dawn Lisenby on 08/15/23

You are one person
but when you move
an entire community
walks through you
you go nowhere alone-
rupi kaur
It is a truism that we do not achieve our goals in ultra alone. My Badwater finish is shared among many who helped me to see it through to fruition. Therefore some thank you’s are in order.
First and foremost to my team: Leigh, Celia, Tiffany and Jonathan.
Your dedication, hard work, and desire to see me to the finish was unparalleled. As a team you had close to zero Badwater race experience, but no matter, you performed under pressure like veterans. Although fatigued you never wavered in your optimism or self sacrifice. Our bond was strong. I ?? you for who you are and what you became. I’m excited for our reunion to summit Whitney and maybe one day help one of you to the worlds toughest finish line.
To my sponsors: @skratchlabs, your hydration fueled me across the miles. I drank it for close to 46 hours straight and only supplemented with additional sodium when needed. @trail_toes my feet were?? . One tiny blister on one toe at mile 122. (Zero body chafing.) I reapplied anti-chafing cream 4 x. Your IceKerchief kept me cool. Seeing Vincent on my last miles, priceless. I think Badwater 135 is a great testament to this being the best anti-chafing product bar none.
To my friends and athletes: Your cheers, encouragement, confidence and love shown to me in the pursuit of this goal meant everything and will never be forgotten. I only hope I can supply the same for your endeavors.
To my Badwater inspirations: Ben, Denise, Lisa, Marshall, Danny, Harvey, and Joshua. To name a few ?? Thank you for paving the way. For being humble in your outstanding achievements and welcoming to a girl who fell in love with the desert, the first time she laid eyes on it back in 2017 while on a BW crew.
To my family: for giving me the space and freedom to follow my dreams and calling. I love you. I appreciate your sacrifices to enable me to do so.
Lastly, Badwater is a race like no other for so many reasons. Chris Kostman and his staff put on an impressive race. Thanks to them for going above and beyond to make us feel special and safe. And for Chris continually telling me “this is your year.” In the end I proved “detur digniori”.

For more details on how my race unfolded see my public posts via my FB profile here: https://www.facebook.com/dawn.lisenby.7/.

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