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L2O 100k-I Got My Damn Buoy!!

by Dawn Lisenby on 06/16/17

I have never been so scared of or beat up by a race before as L2O 100k. The navigation and terrain require constant vigilance that wears you down physically and mentally over 62 miles. Then you add in the heat and humidity of this time of year, and cover more than half the course in water, and well for me it adds up to an ass kicking.

I had a plan of hitting 4-5 miles an hour depending on course conditions. Early on I tried to stay within sight of someone as was so worried to get lost but realized to do so was not to run my race. And if I was going to run I needed to do my thing and not rely on others to guide me. I did get lost, a few times the first 50k, but only minimally.

Just when I was about to hit a low spot I decided to call my friend Omer to ask about a course change that was made due to rain. He told me he was just ahead and would wait for me. And just like that we were together again for the remaining 40 miles as we were last year. I can't thank him enough for his guidance, encouragement and pushing me when I did not think I had anything left. I really could not imagine it any other way.

As we ran together at mid day the heavy rain began and would not let up till early evening. We also had to navigate a lot of water on the back half of the course but despite it all we maintained a steady forward motion and our sense of humor. Even after I took a nasty fall that could have been game over with 4 miles out when in the dark my leg fell through a hole up to my hip on a concrete bridge. I gots some nice souvenirs from that detour.

Finally, we popped out on the last section and ran to the beach with a goal of going sub 16. Nothing ever felt so good as jumping in the ocean (pic is post) and knowing that this time I had earned that DAMN BUOY! As a bonus I finished 3 rd overall female in a time of 15:53. Much improved over my 18:30 unofficial finish of last year.

I so appreciate all of you who followed along, cheered me along the course and cared about this journey for me. It is a deeply emotional one after what I have been through since this race last year. As I told my rock star crew "I should not have even finished this race but with your keeping me running strong and laughing through all the miles I did. I dont have to tell you all what a treasure the Thompsons are. They are a top notch crew and humans that I am so very grateful wanted to spend their weekend caring for this girl. I told Julie as she was tucking my wrecked body into bed last night. I did not think I could love you all anymore than I did, but I do. 

Congrats to my fellow runners on the course, you were amazing. This is a special race and finishing it is no small feat. Thank you Jeff Stephens for bringing this torture to us and congrats on your finish. It was really great to run some miles with you. FINALLY, thanks to my sponsors and family for supporting my crazy passion that without, I would not be me.

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